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Outdoors.  Sunshine.  Fresh air.  Water. Sounds great!  Add to that– sun, wind, heat, ozone, bare feet, bikes, cars and it begins to sound a little more ominous.  With a little pre-planning and intervention, things can remain on the “great” side.

      Being aware of peak sun times, ozone warnings, heat index and lake weather are some of the ways that we can use the information provided to us to keep us safe.


     Sun/wind- Preventing sun burn is as simple as applying sunscreen the appropriate way.  Staying hydrated.  Utilizing cover up clothing as necessary.  Treating the burn the proper way.


     Water– Every time anyone is near the water they should have life vests on.  Falls happen.  Learn to swim and float.


     Heat- The heat can take it’s toll very quickly.  This can happen to anyone, but children and elderly are the most susceptible to quick changes in body temperature from the heat.  Heat emergencies can be life threatening.


     Bikes- Utilizing some simple and inexpensive safety equipment, along with following the basic rules of road safety can keep this activity safe and enjoyable. 


     Storms– be aware that if you can hear thunder, you can be struck by the lightening that is causing the thunder.  Protect yourself properly when in the open.


     Emergencies take on many forms and can happen at any time.  The more prepared you are for an emergency, the safer and more comfortable you will feel that you have what you need to get through.  Preventing the emergency from happening in the first place is even better yet. 











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